The Loeb Boat House at Central Park

Address: The Boathouse is located in the center of Central Park, just a short stroll from Fifth Avenue and 72nd Street.
Executive Chef: Anthony E. Walton

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  1. We were at the Boat House last month. Wonderful experience. Right after our row boat ride that we rented, we had dinner at the boat house. It was amazing. The pork tenderloin was the best. The sauce was even better! Coming back next month.

  2. I have never been here but I enjoy reading about this. It is interesting that it is right in the middle of the Park which I have only seen on tv. Boathouse is an unusual name but I would love to eat here someday. It is nice to be knowledgeable of the different hot spots. I love knowing about things that are unusual and landmarks. Thanks for the great review. Rita Spratlen

  3. I would love to try this restaurant!
    madame.kent at yahoo dot com

  4. A variety of delicacies can suit my taste palates. I would love to try the food offered at The Loeb Boat House.

  5. How wonderful. I can't think of a more beautiful setting. To boat & dine & enjoy the park. This would be a highlight of a New York visit.


  6. Interesting place, interesting idea. I really liked it and food is really good.